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Active Building Centre

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October 2019 to March 2023

PI: Dave Worsley

Active Building Centre

Funded by: EPSRC and ISCF


Swansea, Sheffield, Newcastle, Imperial, Cardiff, Nottingham, Birmingham, Loughborough, Bath, UCL

Partners and stakeholders:

Siemens, Nissan, Cisco, Tata



ABC is a national centre of excellence and will catalyse a revolution in smart buildings and energy sharing. ABC will bring together energy, construction, government and research to create a dynamic ecosystem that identifies barriers and creates solutions for scale up and deployment of buildings and communities that are Active. ABC will prove scale, enable an industry and create the conditions for market adoption. Critical to this will be clustered demonstration facilities on a variety of building typologies.


The ABC will be a globally recognised National Centre of Excellence. It will catalyse a transition from energy consuming buildings to energy positive assets that are integrated into the national energy infrastructure.

Linkage to the Core Innovation Hub (CIH) is designed to develop a scalable manufacturing approach to constructing buildings that distribute energy generation, storage and release at the point of consumption. The ABC integration and adoption focus together with the CIH construction manufacturing focus will jointly provide the UK with a credible and scalable route to decarbonisation and to products and processes to sell into a global marketplace, searching for solutions to the energy trilemma. Whilst ABC is embedded in the ISCF Transforming Construction initiative it also interfaces with the related Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PER) Challenge.

The research element of the ABC is focussed around data and monitoring, architectural design, technology performance, network impacts and building control strategies.

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