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2015 to 2019

PI: Nick Pidgeon

CIE-MAP EUED Centre - Opportunities and Barriers to Achieving Transitions in UK Energy and Materials Use: The Role of Publics, Society and Decision-Makers.

Funded by: EPSRC/RCUK


Universities of Leeds, Bath, and Nottingham Trent

Partners and stakeholders:

Green Alliance


This project was awarded under the EPSRC ‘Joining the EUED Centres’ competition, allowing Cardiff University Understanding Risk Group to become a full partner of CIE-MAP. The research used qualitative and quantitative social science methodologies, including expert interviews, deliberative research, and a (GB) national survey, and also involved Green Alliance in policy engagement activities. The objective was to identify key social barriers and opportunities for change in materials use within a Circular Economy, through investigating the trade-offs, constraints, and incentives that raise issues of acceptability and engagement for publics and decision-makers.

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Cherry, C.E., Scott, K., Barrett, J. and Pidgeon, N.F. 2018. Public acceptance of resource efficiency strategies to mitigate climate change. Nature Climate Change, 8(11): 1007-1012. doi: 10.1038/s41558-018-0298-3

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