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20 August, 2018

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Shifting the focus: energy demand in a net-zero carbon UK is our first major cross-theme research report, and is a response to the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy.

The report proposes actions to strengthen and deliver the commitments in the Strategy, and seeks to answer the question: “what is the role for energy demand change in the transition to an energy system consistent with a net-zero carbon UK?”

What is the Clean Growth Strategy?

The Clean Growth Strategy (CGS) was published in October 2017 and sets out the Government’s plan for decarbonising the UK’s economy.

The strategy outlines the broad objectives and aspirations to meet the nation’s climate goals. What is less well documented is a detailed plan of how this will be achieved.

Shifting the focus

Our report takes the Clean Growth Strategy as a starting point and draws on current knowledge from the UK energy demand research community.

We consider the Strategy’s goal of accelerating the pace of clean growth, and build on the comprehensive, quantitative analysis by the Committee on Climate Change. We agree that major improvements in energy productivity in businesses, transport and homes are crucial to achieving this goal.

Our report sets out a broad vision for how this might be achieved, and shows that this requires attention to technical, social and institutional factors that drive energy demand. We argue that a stronger focus on demand will be required to address the greater action implied by a net-zero carbon target, and set out recommendations on the changes in policy required to deliver the energy-use related goals of the Clean Growth Strategy.

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