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Flexible Integrated Energy Systems – FLEXIS

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2016 to 2021

PI: Karen Henwood

Flexible Integrated Energy Systems – FLEXIS

Funded by: Wales European Regional Development Fund


Swansea University, University of South Wales

Partners and stakeholders:

Tata Steel, Neath Port Talbot Borough Council


This major £25m project involves three Universities (Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales), alongside regional partners including Tata Steel. Across multiple technical work-packages the research is looking to specify the flexible integrated energy system of the future, with a focus upon a range of demonstrator projects in Neath Port Talbot and the overall goal of de-risking energy system decarbonisation in South Wales.  Our social sciences work-package involves interviews, narrative approaches, reflective and inventive methods, and public deliberation to advance our understanding of the ways individuals, families, and communities will engage with, and make sense of, the complexities of future integrated energy system changes in Wales.

See also:

Groves, C., Henwood, K.L., Shirani, F., Butler, C., Parkhill, K.A., and Pidgeon, N. (2016). Energy biographies: narrative genres, lifecourse transitions and practice change. Science, Technology and Human Values, 14(3), 483-508. doi: 10.1177/0162243915609116


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