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Technologies for meeting Clean Growth emissions reduction targets inquiry: consultation response

15 January, 2019

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CREDS submitted a response to the call for evidence sent out by The House of Commons Select Committee on Science & Technology on 21st December 2018. Read it here.

The House of Commons Select Committee on Science & Technology is taking written evidence on the technologies required to achieve emissions targets set out in the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy.

Summary of our response

CREDS researchers submitted a response on 21st December 2018 that addressed improvements in the energy efficiency of end-use technologies but also strongly expressed the need for continued innovation in energy demand to deliver the goals of the Clean Growth Strategy.

This includes changes in the systems that drive energy demand, such as the change in demand for energy intensive materials and switching between different transport modes. Social change and technical change are strongly linked; with business models, supply chain skills, user practices and policy frameworks acting to constrain or drive technology improvement and deployment.


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