CREDS in conversation

18 January, 2023

Reading time: 2 minutes

Our podcast series highlights our work with international researchers, in price elasticity, policy and digitalisation.

CREDS in conversation

Our podcast series showcases CREDS’ involvement in internationally leading research.

Price elasticity of energy demand

This podcast explores the concept of price elasticity in energy demand, its importance for understanding consumer energy prices and for energy infrastructure planning and climate policy design.

In conversation, Professors Jacopo Torriti and Anna Alberini, with Dr José Luis Ramírez.

Realistically radical policy options

This podcast explores how we can equitably and quickly distribute the world’s limited and fast-shrinking global carbon budget. A recent report from the Hot or Cool Institute, Towards a fair consumption space for all, pdfOpens in a new tab features options that may once have seemed radical but may now be the only alternative to climate catastrophe.

In conversation, Dr Magnus Bengtsson, Professor Yael Parag, Dr Yamina Saheb and Dr Stuart Capstick, with Dr Sarah Higginson.

Digitalisation for people and the planet

This podcast explores how pathways for digitalisation in energy and mobility could be directed towards reducing energy demand and enhancing social justice. Digitalisation is one of the high-level trends that will significantly impact future energy demand and carbon emissions, whilst creating social challenges and opportunities.

In conversation, Dr Steffen Lange, Professor Tim Foxon and Professor Tim Schwanen, with Dr Sarah Higginson.

Banner photo credit: Charles Deluvio on Unsplash