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Delivering a net zero NHS

07 October, 2020

Reading time: 2 minutes

Report launched this week on the path to a net zero NHS, supported by CREDS researchers.

In a report launched this week, the NHS in England has committed to becoming net zero in its services, buildings, and vehicles by 2040. CREDS researchers have been working with the Lancet Countdown (opens in new tab) team to peer-review the NHS’s current method of counting its greenhouse gas emissions.

We’ve provided energy modelling, policy advice, and support on organisational change, to build a solid evidence base, and robust future plans, to get the NHS to net zero greenhouse gas emissions over the next 20 years. The UCL Energy team (opens in new tab) in particular have been focused on energy use and the resulting emissions in the built stock and travel & transport. This involves energy efficiency measures such as insulation and heat pumps for NHS buildings, and removing old heating systems that have used fossil fuels; as well as replacing the vehicles used by the NHS with clean electric models,including the development of a brand new electric emergency ambulance over the coming years.

We have also provided a better understanding of the composition of the NHS Secondary and Primary Care estates using 3DStock (opens in new tab) and publicly available other data sources.

The report is available for download on the NHS England website (opens in new tab).

Banner photo credit: Étienne Godiard on Unsplash