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Efficient World Scenario and 3rd IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency

30 October, 2018

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CREDS attended the IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency in Paris last week, a launch for the 2018 Energy Efficiency Market Report co-authored by CREDS researcher, Ian Hamilton.

The IEA recently published the 2018 Energy Efficiency Market Report, which is the leading international publication on energy efficiency trends across the globe, cover transport, buildings, industry and investment. The report includes in depth sectoral analysis on the historic trends that energy efficiency has played, in reducing the growth in energy demand while maintaining global social and economic development. The report included for the first time analysis of the future trends under an Efficient World Scenario (EWS) which illustrates the potential of implementing cost-effective measures and technologies. This year’s report was co-authored by CREDS Co-Investigator Dr. Ian Hamilton who co-wrote the Buildings and Appliances chapter.

Some headline findings include:

  • Global energy demand grew by 2% in 2017 after two years of low growth, but would be much higher if not for progress on energy efficiency.
  • The EWS could result in lower emissions in 2040 compared with today, despite a doubling in the size of global economy. While global gross domestic product (GDP) could double by 2040.
  • In the buildings sector, the EWS highlights the opportunity to improve efficiency per unit of floor area by nearly 40% compared with current levels.
  • Building codes and appliance standards have been key policy measures, preventing 10% more energy use by buildings in 2017.

The report can be downloaded from the IEA website.

Banner photo credit: Chuttersnap on Unsplash