Heating and comfort

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We are looking at the impact Covid has had on domestic heating behaviour and energy use during lockdown to provide a unique insight into the radical change in heating practices that can occur.

Heating and comfort

This project aims to identify the impact of Covid on UK heating usage and equity, using the findings as a platform to determine the potential for enduring changes to behaviour and heating technologies that may be encouraged to support transition to net-zero emissions and improve equity.

The work will draw on previous CREDS projects, namely the CoCo Hybrid project and the Adding another layer project.

What we are asking

  1. How did space heating, hot water usage and total daily energy demand change before, during and after Covid?
  2. What long-term impacts on domestic heating, e.g. working from home and refurbishment, resulting from the Covid restrictions are being experienced?
  3. What motivations are driving heating behaviour and lifestyle changes as a result of the pandemic?
  4. What did people wear during the first (20/21) and second (21/22) winters of the Covid pandemic and what does this tell us about any enduring change as part of evolving comfort conventions?
  5. What does planning and property valuation data tell us about property trends in change of use for assessing the suitability of heat pump installations?

Banner photo credit: Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash