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In-use energy performance certificates (EPCs)

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This project is developing data analysis methods to create accurate EPCs in close to real time from smart meter data.

What analysis and data is required to deliver digitally generated in-use building efficiency certificates, consistently outperforming Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)?

The uptake and rate of deployment of energy efficiency technologies is constrained by their performance within the system in which they are installed. EPCs were introduced to support energy demand reductions in the built stock, yet they don’t close the performance gap because they are not based on in-use energy data and have been repeatedly shown to be inaccurate. This project develops data analysis methods to automatically create in-use EPCs from smart meter data that are more reliable than those derived from site survey and SAP calculation. It enumerates the energy performance of the property and the uncertainty in the result, plus the improvements to the accuracy and insights available from additional low-cost data streams, such as internal temperatures.

What we are asking

  • Is it possible to develop a domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) using just smart meter and other data which is more reliable, and cheaper than a physical survey based EPC?

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