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Baltazar Solano Rodriguez

Project Researcher

UCL Energy Institute

Baltazar is a senior researcher in Energy Systems at the UCL Energy Institute. He specialises in the use and development of energy models for studies ranging from techno-economic analyses of small energy systems to studies of global issues, such as climate change mitigation. Baltazar has modelling experience working at global, national, and sub-national levels. He has recently developed TIMES MX-Regional, a multi-regional energy systems optimisation model for Mexico’s Ministry of Energy (SENER). This model is part of the new modelling portfolio of SENER and will be key to their policy-making decisions from 2018 onwards. Baltazar has also led the development of ETM-UCL, an energy systems model of the European Union used in European Commission backed research to study the implications of different long-term techno-economic scenarios. Baltazar has also carried out energy systems modelling research involving the use of UK TIMES and TIAM at global level.

Prior to joining UCL, Baltazar worked for AEA Technology, where he was responsible for the delivery of modelling support across the organisation on UK Government and EU energy and climate change programmes. Previously, Baltazar worked as modeller for the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory and as operations analyst for Schlumberger in O&G exploration.

Decarbonisation of heat


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash