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Connor McGarry

Project Researcher

University of Strathclyde

Connor is a Research Assistant at the University of Strathclyde within the Electronic and Electrical Engineering department. He is in the process of finalising his PhD as a member of the Future Power Networks and Smart Grids Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). Prior to joining the CDT, he obtained a BEng in Mechanical and Power Plant Systems, and an MSc in Electrical Power Engineering with Business.

His research is concerned with the electrification of domestic heat and transport and the impacts on electricity system infrastructure as well as the impacts of low carbon technology demand variability on flexible demand side management techniques that support the development of low carbon local energy systems.

Connor has a broad research interest in energy decarbonisation that is aligned with the electricity system. This includes: the provision of flexible services for distribution network management, spatial and temporal modelling of demand across multiple energy vectors, social technical modelling to support policy makers in tackling fuel poverty, the role of microgrid technology in enabling resilient local energy communities in remote rural areas, and the application of digital twins in future power systems.

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Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash