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Daniel Scamman

Project Researcher

UCL Energy Institute

Daniel is a Senior Research Associate in energy systems modelling at UCL’s Energy Institute. Daniel is a chartered mechanical engineer with an EngD in techno-economic modelling of energy storage. He previously worked for Corus R,D&T, fuel cell developer CMR Fuel Cells and electrolyser manufacturer ITM Power before joining UCL. At UCL his primary research focus has been energy storage and hydrogen modelling with the UK TIMES Model (UKTM), and has spent time comparing the role that hydrogen can play in low-carbon heating with other options.

Daniel joins the Decarbonisation of Heat Challenge as part of the CREDS project, where he will draw upon his background in hydrogen and UKTM to improve the system modelling of heat decarbonisation options.

Decarbonisation of heat


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash