People jumping, edited photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

Jez Wingfield

Project Researcher

UCL Energy Institute

Jez is Senior Technician in Physical Building Performance at the UCL Energy Institute. He has been testing buildings for energy and carbon performance for more than 15 years, and has extensive knowledge of site-based and in-situ testing methodologies such as co-heating, airtightness testing, ventilation testing, thermal imaging, U-value measurements and long term monitoring of energy and physical building characteristics.

Jez has been involved in numerous building evaluation projects including the influential Stamford Brook and Elm Tree Mews field trials which helped lay the foundation for a better understanding of energy and carbon performance gaps in UK dwellings. He is an acknowledged UK expert in the field of building performance evaluation and testing, and was a member of the Zero Carbon Hub Performance Gap Project task groups, helped develop the testing protocols for the Technology Strategy Board BPE programme and was a member of the BINDT Airtightness Testing Scheme Technical Committee and ATTMA Airtightness Testing Scheme Governing Committee.

Buildings & Energy


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash