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Mark Barrett

Project Researcher

University College London

Mark Barrett is professor of Energy and Environmental System Modelling. He is working on the Heat theme using the ESTIMO model to explore different heating strategies.

Mark has a BSc in Physics and Philosophy and a PhD in Energy Modelling. He has forty five years’ experience of modelling energy and transport systems and atmospheric emissions working as a Civil Servant, and academic and as a consultant with his own company. He has developed a number of national scale models of energy demand in the stationary and transport (land, sea and air) sectors, and conventional and renewable supply, and used these to design low cost systems to enhance energy security and reduce emissions. He has also detailed electricity models of demand, supply, emissions and costs, both for national systems and for international trade. These models have been applied at international and local level in Europe and Asia working with a range of national and local government agencies, private companies and consultancies, and non-governmental and environmental organisations.

Mark’s models have been commercialised and used by National Grid and Western Power Distribution. He developed a city energy and environment scenario model including air pollution and health impacts. His current focus is spatiotemporal modelling of energy demand and supply at hourly and 0.5 degree latitude/longitude from city to European scale as driven by social patterns and meteorology: the aim is to find the optimal balance between storage and transmission in high renewable systems.

Decarbonisation of heat


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash