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Osaru Agbonaye

Project Researcher

University of Reading

Dr Osaru Agbonaye is an Electrical Engineer, a Software Engineer, and an Energy Systems researcher. He specializes on the social, technical, economic, and spatial-temporal aspects of energy storage and demand-side flexibility. His research methods include novel time-series data simulation models, power flow analysis, GIS models, optimization, and machine learning.

Osaru completed his undergraduate and master’s degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering at the University of Benin and the University of Glasgow respectively. He also completed his PhD in Energy Storage and Demand Flexibility at Ulster University.

Before joining CREDS, Osaru worked on a number of energy demand research projects including: SPIRE2 (where he developed a new business model for decarbonizing social housing), HandiHeat (Assessing the suitability of various low carbon technologies in rural communities and overseeing data monitoring and analysis of a trial), RULET (Investigating how thermal storage could be used to mitigate wind energy constraint and curtailment while helping to reduce fuel poverty),  GIRONA (Investigating the impact of domestic PV and storage on the electricity grid), and ADEPT (assessing and providing insights on  the Net-Zero strategy of Thames-valley Berkshire local authorities).

Osaru has also developed several software tools for energy demand assessment including the Northern Ireland Demand flexibility map which has been crucial to the development of a new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Osaru also served as a Lecturer in Electrical Power Systems at the University of Benin for three years. He has interned and worked with several electricity network companies and consulted for several renewable energy projects.



Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash