People jumping, edited photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

Pepa Ambrosio-Albala

Project Researcher

University of Leeds

Pepa is a Research Fellow in the School of Earth and Environment and School of Process and Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds since 2016.

Pepa completed her MSc Degree in Rural Development Gent Universiteit (Belgium) and Wageningen Universiteit (The Netherlands)  in 2008 and her PhD in 2015 (University of Cordoba, Spain).  In her Thesis, she focused on perceptions of climate change in two indigenous Latin American communities.

Pepa’s research focuses on stakeholders’ engagement and public acceptance of energy technology development. Her research is also in the field of energy poverty and vulnerability.

Within CREDS, Pepa works closely with stakeholders to identify under which conditions the steel industry in the UK can be decarbonised.

Previously, Pepa has worked on projects looking at how the different stakeholders’ energy cultures can influence the development of new V2G business models (Bus2Grid UK Research and Innovation funded). She has also explored public acceptance energy storage both at community and household level (EPSRC- C_MADEnS). Her work on energy poverty includes exploring the impact of energy market liberalisation on the energy-poor and understanding the lived experience of energy poverty and how social relations impact on the capacity to withstand it.

Decarbonisation of the steel industry

Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash