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Stephen Watson

Project researcher

Loughborough University

Stephen Watson is an RA at Loughborough University in the school of Architecture, Civil and Building Engineering. His main role is in the Active Building Centre, modelling the space heating, domestic hot water and electricity demands of groups of Active Buildings, based on empirical data. He is also analysing summer overheating using monitored internal temperature data gathered in the Energy Follow Up Survey. As part of CREDS he will be analysing monitored data from a large sample of gas boilers to understand the potential requirements of compact combined hybrid heat pump/boiler systems, as well as the possible benefits of such systems.

His PhD predicted the GB national half-hourly electricity demand resulting from a widespread uptake of heat pumps for domestic heating, based on monitored data. During the PhD Stephen worked as a research assistant on the DEFACTO project, analysing changes in gas use and internal temperature due to zonal heating controls.

Buildings & Energy


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash