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Tiziano Gallo Cassarino

Tiziano Gallo Cassarino

Project Researcher

UCL Energy Institute

Tiziano is a Research Associate in energy system modelling based at the UCL Energy Institute. Within the CREDS project, he performs whole system spatio-temporal analyses to identify feasible heat decarbonisation strategies. His approach considers system performances, costs, and emissions, alongside the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions. Currently, he is co-developing a multi-vector energy system model, called “ESTIMO”, leveraging weather data and social patterns to simulate hourly demand and supply. This model is used to find an optimal balance between storage and transmission at the European scale. ESTIMO has been soft-linked to UK-TIMES in the RESTLESS project to compare the hourly dynamics of demand, supply, and storage under typical and extreme weather conditions in the UK. Tiziano has a background in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Bioinformatics. Before joining CREDS, he worked on the ‘Realising Energy Storage Technologies in Low-carbon Energy Systems’ project (RESTLESS), aiming to understand the potential contribution of energy storage technologies to a transition toward a low-carbon energy system. Being particularly interested in energy demand, he also analysed the impact of social and weather drivers on the historical electricity demand in Europe to gain insights into appropriate storage needs.

Decarbonisation of heat


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