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Culture and low-carbon energy transitions

11 May, 2020

Culture and low-carbon energy transitions

Benjamin K. Sovacool

Research paper   Digital Society

Benjamin K. Sovacool and Steve Griffiths

How does culture influence low-carbon energy transitions? How can insights about cultural influences guide energy planners and policymakers trying to stimulate transitions, particularly at a time of rapid technological change? This Review examines the influence of culture on a selection of low-carbon technologies and behavioural practices that reflect different dimensions of sustainability. Based on a typology of low-carbon technology and behaviour, we explore the cultural dimensions of four specific cases: eco-driving, ridesharing, automated vehicles and whole-house retrofits. We conclude with recommendations for those seeking to analyse, understand, develop, demonstrate and deploy low-carbon innovations for sustainable energy transitions.

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Sovacool, B.K. and Griffiths, S. 2020. Culture and low-carbon energy transitions. Nature Sustainability, 3: 685–693. doi: Opens in a new tab10.1038/s41893-020-0519-4

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