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Chapter 11: Cycling, climate change and air pollution

24 May, 2022

Chapter 11: Cycling, climate change and air pollution

Christian Brand

Research paper   Transport & Mobility

Christian Brand, Henk-Jan Dekker and Frauke Behrendt


Cycling is considered a healthy and sustainable form of getting from A to B. The net effects of the various forms of cycling and e-biking on mobility-related air pollutant emissions are complex. This chapter synthesizes research on the potential of cycling and e-biking to reduce (and contribute) to air pollutant emissions from mode shift away from motorized transport. Life cycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from production, use and end-of-life of active and motorized vehicles is used to compare the most common urban transport modes and determine whether cycling and e-biking reduce overall emissions or not. By doing so the Chapter provides a summary of research on cycling as a low carbon and clean mobility option in context of the climate emergency and the air quality crisis in cities.

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Brand, C., Dekker, H.-J., & Behrendt, F. 2022. Chapter 11: Cycling, climate change and air pollution. Advances in Transport Policy and Planning, 10: 235-264. doi: 10.1016/bs.atpp.2022.04.010Opens in a new tab.

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