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Data sharing workshop briefing note

01 December, 2023

Data sharing workshop briefing note

Sarah Higginson


Catherine Jones and Sarah Higginson


Sharing energy research data is good practice for responsible research and many funders now require it as a condition to receive grant funding. However, it is still often seen as a burden and many projects fail to fully deliver on FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) data sharing commitments. This workshop will bring together key stakeholders in the whole research lifecycle to develop recommendations to improve the level and quality of data sharing within the energy community.

Aims and outputs of this workshop

This workshop aims to explore lessons relating to data sharing in the energy research domain from the perspective of different stakeholders, and use these lessons to develop recommendations. In short, what can those involved in funding, supporting and undertaking the research do to embed and enable a culture of data sharing regardless of the area of energy research? The main outputs will be a summary of key lessons and a set of recommendations, to be shared with participants and, through a blog, with the wider research community.

Publication details

Jones, C. and Higginson, S. 2023. Data sharing workshop briefing note. CREDS and UKERC brief. Oxford, UK: Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions.

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