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Future of transport regulatory review

03 July, 2020

Future of transport regulatory review

Sally Cairns

Consultation response   Transport & Mobility

Sally Cairns

The Department for Transport sought views on a regulatory review of future transport options, with one focus being micromobility vehicles.

Summary of our response

CREDS’ response discusses the benefits of micromobility: reduction in congestion and vehicle-related pollution; increased physical activity; affordability; and the potential growth in innovative industries.

The response also explores issues relating to the safety of users and other road users, proposing that all micromobility vehicles will need maximum speed limits (at which electrical assistance is permitted) and that speed limits should be a key factor dictating where vehicles can be used. It also proposes that rules about permitted use may need to relate to more than roads, cycle lanes and pavements, to include explicit consideration of off-road space, shared pedestrian/cycle paths; and two-lane cycle tracks, with potential for considerable innovation in active travel infrastructure.

Publication details

Future of transport regulatory review (6 pages, 256 KB)

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