Review of existing modelling proposals for heat decarbonisation

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April 2018 to March 2021

Project team

Steve Pye

This part of the project reviews the available research on the modelling of heat decarbonisation.

Review of existing modelling of proposals for heat decarbonisation from an energy systems architecture perspective

This part of the work is looking at what the major challenges of decarbonising heat are, and how modelling can support the analysis of different solutions. We are undertaking a review of existing whole system modelling approaches, and exploring whether they can effectively assess heat decarbonisation pathways for the building sector. This is from an energy system architecture perspective, which focuses on whether models can help explore issues around system evolvability, flexibility, robustness (under uncertainty), and feasibility.

What we are asking:

  • What are the challenges to effectively modelling the decarbonising heat?

Banner photo credit: Gyula Gyukli on Adobe Stock

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Evaluation of social, regulatory and governance implications of findings

This part of the project seeks to provide earliest possible feedback on potential social and regulatory implications of proposals for heat from socio-technical and political-economic perspectives.

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