Cornelia Parker, War Room, 2015

The research to impact journey

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13 February, 2023

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Find out how we go about the research to impact journey.

In a series of four articles, we describe how we go about the ‘research to impact journey’.

The research to impact journey: an overview

We describe the way research, promotion & engagement, knowledge exchange and impact fit together as an interative journey.

How to promote research

Define your audience and decide which promotional tool is most appropriate for the research you are promoting.

How to undertake knowledge exchange

Knowledge exchange can be as simple as sharing of research knowledge with a relevant audience, or more in-depth such as providing advisory services, secondments, joint workshops, or co-authorship of reports or papers.

How to monitor and record impact

Keep track of whether your project is delivering impact: what is being delivered, to whom and what use they have made of it, and what are you most proud of?

Banner photo credit: Steph Ferguson. War Room by Cornelia Parker. Tate Britain, 2022