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CREDS Statement on EUED Technology Call 2

The EPSRC’s recent End Use Energy Demand Technology Call 2 refers to CREDS in a number of ways. This document sets out how we are responding to enquiries from potential bidders and our interpretation of the CREDS-related issues in the Call.

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CREDS Statement on EUED Technology Call

The EPSRC’s recent call on End Use Energy Demand Technology refers to CREDS in a number of ways. It requires “research projects (to be) aligned to, but not duplicating, the aims and objectives of CREDS” and that proposals should “show a clear complementarity to the Centre and should include at least one investigator with direct links to the centre.”

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Theme 1: Buildings & Energy

This theme focuses on the challenge of producing affordable, comfortable, healthy and productive building environments while reducing energy, carbon emissions and power demand by 20% by 2030.

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Theme 2: Transport & Mobility

Aims of the theme: Target activities and places of highest demand and fastest growth, develop novel metrics, classifications and deployment models which facilitate new frameworks for changing mobility demand…

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Theme 3: Materials & Products

The objective of the theme is to identify and analyse the opportunities for reducing energy demand in UK industry by bringing together novel energy and economy modelling approaches with a co-created programme of research with industry and government. The desired outcome of the research is a clear pathway for UK industry to reduce energy and emissions while recognising its role in the wider UK economy.

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Theme 4: Flexibility

This sub-theme will develop research on flexibility on the basis of a thorough understanding of the contemporary timing of energy demand (domestic, non-domestic and in relation to the mobility of things and people). The projects are designed to understand how energy demand is bound up with the temporal rhythm of society and with what people do.

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Theme 5: Digital Society

The research in this theme will be guided by three overarching questions: What are the historical and potential future impacts of ICTs on sectoral and economy-wide energy consumption? What factors and mechanisms explain those impacts? How can the future energy-saving potential of ICTs be maximised?

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Theme 6: Policy & Governance

The aim of the theme is to undertake globally leading research on the policy and governance issues critical to the Centre’s goal of changing UK demand to go further, faster and more flexibly.

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