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Conceptualising flexibility

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October 2018 to March 2023

Project team

Elizabeth Shove

Stanley Blue

Jacopo Torriti

Carolynne Lord

This project is conceptualising ‘flexibility’ to better understand how patterns of energy demand are shaped.

Conceptualising flexibility

This project provides a conceptual foundation for much of CREDS research. It brings ideas and intellectual resources from a range of disciplines together to address practical questions about spatial and temporal flexibilities with respect to transport and to domestic and non-domestic energy demand. Its purpose is to review and challenge taken-for-granted assumptions about flexibility and the timing of energy demand, including those embedded in current research and policy. This work positions CREDS at the heart of international debates about the meaning of flexibility within rapidly changing systems and patterns of provision and demand.

What we are asking

  • How do different disciplines and traditions conceptualise flexibility?
  • What new ideas and intellectual resources are needed to comprehend and influence changing spatial and temporal rhythms of demand – and supply?
  • What is ‘whole system’ flexibility?

Banner photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash