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Energy Demand reduction options

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October 2018 to May 2019

Project team

John Barrett

Peter Taylor

Jonathan Norman

Alice Garvey

This project looks at energy reduction options and the barriers faced by UK industry for adoption.

Assessment and review of energy demand reduction options

This review is establishing a detailed appreciation of the current state of industrial energy data, current and future energy projections, technology options, and energy efficiency measures. An Industry Panel is acting as reviewers and providing expert advice on data and mitigation options. This project is combining the current knowledge on industrial energy from BEIS and the International Energy Agency with a more detailed description of industrial energy demand and trade flows. This will provide the most comprehensive picture to date on the future of industrial energy demand combined with a thorough assessment of mitigation options.

What we are asking

Data needs

  • What various datasets are currently being used by UK Government to understand industrial energy demand and how is this calculated?
  • How do these datasets compare with alternative datasets including those of the IEA, EU ETS, ESOS, CRC, CCA/CCL, UKERC, Ofgem, Carbon Trust, CCC, Carbon Disclosure Project, 2Degrees and others?
  • What is the current understanding of the energy efficiency and demand of different industrial sectors?
  • What level of data is required to underpin UK Government policy with a particular focus on the UK Industrial Energy Efficiency Programme?
  • What data is used to track current policy commitments?
  • Which industrial processes can be electrified and which cannot?
  • What are the perceived transformative energy mitigation options for industry?
  • What data are available on the likely effectiveness of these?

Data availability

  • What data exists in industry that could be made publicly available?
  • What data is available at different geographical scales, including for Scotland and Wales?
  • How does data on industrial energy demand translate to GHG emissions?
  • What emission factors are used?
  • What data exists in Government but which cannot currently be shared due to restrictive data supply agreements?

Data Strategy

  • How does the available data match data needs?
  • Is data available to compare best practice across different countries?
  • What should be the UK Government strategy to collect robust data from industry?
  • What would a new data flow look like?
  • What levers do they have to be able to collect new data (regulation, incentives, other)?
  • How will quality assurance procedures be put in place to ensure a robust dataset in the future?
  • What horizon scanning can be done for new types of energy demand data?

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