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Alexandra Schneiders

Project Researcher

UCL Energy Institute

Alexandra Schneiders is a Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute and the Operating Agent of the Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy Models (GO-P2P), an Annex of the User-Centred Technology Collaboration Programme by the International Energy Agency. Her research focuses on the policy and regulatory enablers/obstacles of rolling out peer-to-peer and community self-consumption models, at UK and EU level. Prior to joining the UCL Energy Institute in January 2018, she was working in Brussels in political and legal consultancies, advising corporate and public sector clients, such as the European Commission, on energy and financial services-related topics. Her background is in law and politics, and she holds degrees from the University of Amsterdam as well as the College of Europe.

In her previous Brussels-based posts, Alexandra was responsible for conducting extensive comparative studies of different countries’ energy laws, and she will use this experience as well as her expertise in Dutch and UK energy law to compare the two regulatory systems and their treatment of community energy groups. As Operating Agent of the Global Observatory, which the Netherlands (NL) and the UK are both member countries of, she will have access to a valuable range of policymakers active in the peer-to-peer and community self-consumption fields and will leverage those contacts for her work on this project, such as for the UK-NL policymaker workshop.

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Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash