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Colin Nolden

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On 1.5 degrees C…

Project Researcher

University of Oxford

Colin’s research spans sustainable energy governance at the intersection of demand, mobility and climate change. He has worked on energy policy, regulation, business models and markets as a research at the University of Exeter and the University of Sussex, and as a research consultant for Climate-KIC, Department of Energy and Climate Change and Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy. As a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University Bristol, Colin conducts independent research on sustainable city business models, climate markets and Riding Sunbeams, a consortium powering railways with renewable energy.

Colin completed his undergraduate degree in Geography and History at the University College Dublin and both his postgraduate degree in Sustainable Development and his PhD in Geography at the University of Exeter. Between his various positions Colin has worked for a Geography Department, a Politics Department, a Business School, a School of Management and a Law School. In between, Colin worked as a steelworker, a mussel farmer and an energy efficiency consultant.

Policy & Governance


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash