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Drivers of policy asymmetry

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October 2019 to March 2021

Project team

Nick Eyre

Colin Nolden

This project is considering the underlying causes of asymmetric policies between demand and supply policies.

Understanding the drivers of policy asymmetry

In this project we consider the underlying causes of asymmetric policies. These potentially include the greater power of supply side actors, accountancy treatment of energy efficiency assets, lower visibility of demand side projects, greater complexity of demand-side evaluation, risk perceptions and the scale of transactions in markets. Their relative importance has never been systematically studied. The work draws on theories in political science including agenda setting and policy windows. Decision making processes are tracked through a combination of process tracing and interviews with the relevant stakeholders.

What we are asking

  • What are the underlying causes of asymmetric policies?
  • What are the policy making processes by which asymmetric decisions have been agreed?
  • To what extent do institutions constrain direct comparison of supply and demand?

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