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Nick Eyre

CREDS Director

University of Oxford

Nick Eyre is Professor of Energy and Climate Policy in the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) at the University of Oxford, and Director of the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS).

Nick is Director of Energy Research for the University of Oxford, and a Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy. Previously, he was leader of the Lower Carbon Futures Programme in the ECI and a Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, leading its research theme on decision-making.

Nick was a lead author of the ‘Buildings’ Chapter of the Mitigation Report of 5th Assessment of the IPCC, and will be a review editor in the 6th Assessment. He was a lead author of the Global Energy Assessment in 2012.

Nick has 35 years’ experience on energy issues. He is a member of Ofgem’s Sustainable Development Advisory Group and a Fellow of the Energy Institute. From 1999-2008, he was Head of Policy and Director of Strategy at the Energy Saving Trust. He was a co-author of the UK Government’s 2002 Review of Energy Policy, leading its work on energy efficiency and energy scenarios.

Policy & Governance

Buildings & Energy


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash

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