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Faye Wade

Project Researcher

University of Edinburgh

Faye is an interdisciplinary energy researcher, applying qualitative and quantitative social science techniques for delivering policy-relevant findings about the public and private sector actors responsible for delivering transformation in our energy system.

Her interest in understanding the role of supply chain actors for delivering energy retrofitting is being pursued through her CREDS project which maps skills and communication networks in supply chains for local traditional and off-site modular retrofitting.

This builds on her previous work, which has included an ethnographic investigation of how, through their work, heating engineers can shape the central heating technologies installed in homes and how they come to be used, and the application of qualitative approaches to better understand the changing nature of construction work with the introduction of new technologies. She has also delivered a social evaluation of the Energy Efficient Scotland programme; the Scottish Government’s cornerstone retroffiting strategy for reducing energy consumption and decarbonising heat in the built environment. This focused on understanding the role of local authorities as key actors in coordinating wide-scale retrofiting, and generated numerous reports used by Scottish Government for developing the programme.

Faye is also an Associate Editor on the international journal Buildings & Cities.

Policy & Governance


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash