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Kevin Owen

Project researcher

University of Plymouth

Kevin Owen is a Senior Technician at the University of Plymouth. Kevin has worked in support of architecture and built environment undergraduate, post-graduate (MA, M.Arch, M.Sc., PhD) students and academic staff. He has experience of laboratory and workshop practices (wood, metal and plastics), test rig and modelling construction (scientific and architectural). Kevin has participated in the delivery of practical environmental laboratory-based teaching including artificial daylight, sound, thermography and thermal comfort.

Kevin has undertaken formal training in the use of infra-red thermography and has a broad experience in thermographic building surveying and practical demonstrations with students and at numerous events.

Kevin is Senior Technician of the CobBauge Interreg Research Project developing a more thermally efficient earth building material. Work undertaken for the project has included the construction of test samples for thermal conductivity evaluation in a heat flow meter, testing earth and fibre materials in construction, building test walls and experimenting on earth building techniques. The use of thermography being applied to demonstrate comparative thermal conductivity in test samples.

Kevin has an honors degree in Three-Dimensional Design, Industrial Design and is a member of the Institute of Science and Technology.

Buildings & Energy

Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash