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Muhammad Adeel

Project Researcher

University of Leeds

Muhammad Adeel is a Research Fellow in Transport Data Analysis at the Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds. Adeel holds PhD in urban planning (2015, Hong Kong) and MS in GIS and Remote Sensing. His research focuses on the analysis of transport mobility and accessibility through statistical, spatial and qualitative methods.

Previously, Adeel worked as a post-doctoral research officer at LSE Cities in the London School of Economics (2015-2019) where his work examined the spatial and temporal dynamics of urban expansion and transport mobility in metropolitan areas across the Asian and African continents. Adeel’s doctoral research explored the gendered nature of transportation disadvantage and its effect on individual mobility, activity participating and access to services in Pakistan through statistical analysis of time use diaries and questionnaire surveys. His doctoral research won two research awards, ‘Best conference paper in Transport Policy’ (Women Issues in Transport Conference, 2014, Paris) and ‘Best PhD dissertation on urban mobility in developing countries’ (CODATU Dissertation Prize, 2015, Paris).

Other than working on CREDS projects, Adeel is a Principal Investigator of a small research project (January-July 2019), funded by London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre (January-July 2019), that examines the issues of transport equity in Kuwait metropolitan.

Transport & Mobility


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash