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Param J. Singh

Param J Singh

Project Researcher

University of Reading

Doctorate at the University of Reading funded by EPSRC | Economic Policy Advisor on blockchain-enabled non-retail energy market structure and potential energy policy outcomes.

Param is a Doctoral Researcher of Energy Economics and Environmental Engineering in the School of the Built Environment, University of Reading under the supervision of Professor Jacopo Torriti. He is an economist with a particular focus on energy and blockchain technology.

He is a specialist in demand-response in UK energy markets using blockchain & distributed ledger technology in a non-retail market structure. He is a Project Researcher funded by EPSRC on the flexibility of energy demand and how blockchain technology could be incorporated in the energy industry. He is looking into DLT and whether blockchain could provide the flexibility and control the energy consumption for participation in DSR programmes, peak avoidance, energy optimisation and energy trading.

He has completed the BSc Honours in Economics at London School of Economics. Continuing with an MSc In Emerging Economies And International Development in Kings College London, where he was bestowed with the King’s Leadership and Professional Skills Award and an Associateship of King’s College (AKC).


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash