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Time dependence & institutional flexibility

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July 2020 to June 2022

Project team

Stanley Blue

Carolynne Lord

This project analyses demand-side management interventions to identify new opportunities for more extensive demand side responses.

Time dependence & institutional flexibility

Institutions already intervene to shape patterns of energy demand, but current demand-side management strategies tend to work in the background to minimise disruption to services. A more significant challenge is to exploit opportunities for adapting socio-temporal rhythms to better match peaks and troughs of renewable supply. The aim of this project is to analyse critical peaks and patterns in energy use as a way of identifying the potential flexibility of institutional rhythms that might be modified as a method of demand-side response.

What we are asking

  • How can demand be managed flexibly within institutions?
  • What forms of time dependence hold institutional rhythms in place?
  • Can institutional rhythms be modified to change the timing of demand?

Banner photo credit: Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash