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Stefan Bouzarovski

Project Researcher

University of Manchester

Stefan Bouzarovski is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Manchester, where he directs the People and Energy Programme within the Manchester Urban Institute. Stefan Bouzarovski chairs the European Union Energy Poverty Observatory, as well as the COST Action ‘European Energy Poverty: Agenda Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation’. He is an internationally leading expert in energy inequality and urban transformations, having written over 120 scientific publications and three monographs on these topics. He has been involved in more than 150 research and policy initiatives, with funding from UK Research Councils, the European Union and various charitable bodies. He has previously held full-time appointments at Universities of Oxford, London and Birmingham, and visiting professorships at universities in Bergen, Prague, Gdansk, Berlin, Stockholm, Bruges and Brisbane. He is a member of six journal editorial boards, including European Urban and Regional Studies and Energy and Buildings. His research has informed the work of numerous governmental bodies in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as the United Nations, World Bank and International Energy Agency. In the 2019 EU Protects campaign, he was named an ‘ordinary hero’ for his efforts to reduce energy poverty in Europe.

Fuel and transport poverty in the UK’s energy transition (FAIR)


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash