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Stefan Thor Smith


School of the Built Environment, University of Reading

Stefan Thor Smith is Lecturer in Energy Systems and the Built Environment, at the University of Reading. Integrating energy system models with urban and regional scale meteorology, his research addresses questions on energy system dynamics, demand, and associated environmental impacts. More specifically, his research focuses on issues relating to energy demand and supply and the interplay between energy and environmental conditions. Through his work, Dr Smith has had significant involvement in the development, use, and evaluation of models for the purpose of understanding how energy systems are influenced by environmental conditions and in turn, how energy use impacts on environment. His research addresses understanding of energy systems through modelling at different temporal and spatial scales; issues relating to climate change (resilience and adaptation) in the context of the built environment; and weather-informed probabilistic decision making. His research predominantly centres on the dynamics of energy systems and meteorology in an urban context.

Dr Smith has been PI and Co-I on a range of NERC, EPSRC and Climate-Kic projects covering a range of topics from smart and sustainable urban districts to green infrastructure impacts on energy. He is the Lead for the Energy and Environmental Research Group within the School of the Built Environment and coordinates a University-wide Energy Research Network.



Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash