Place-based business models for net-zero

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September 2021 to March 2023

Project team

Ralitsa Hiteva

Giulia Mininni

We’re exploring how digital living & working imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic can inform place-based business models and energy demand reduction.

Place-based business models for net-zero

This project aims to investigate how place-based business models for net-zero are being developed through digital living & working imposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020, and how they facilitate reductions on energy demand. To do this the project will closely examine three prominent and emerging areas for net-zero action and collaboration in Sussex (and nationally) involving: i) new opportunities for financing net-zero projects; ii) nature-based solutions for net-zero; and iii) capacity building for decarbonisation skills. The project will study how these three vignettes have emerged through digital living, working and connections.

What we are asking:

  • How do digital living, connections and working shape the emergence of place-based business models for net-zero?
  • How do emergent place-based business models shape opportunities for energy demand reduction?
  • What are the financing options and opportunities for projects/action on net-zero?
  • How is capacity building for decarbonisation skills for net-zero developed?
  • What are the nature-based solutions for net-zero?

Banner photo credit: Baciu Cristian Mihai on Unsplash