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04 May, 2022

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Preprints are versions of academic papers made freely available before independent peer review, and can speed up and broaden access to research outputs.

Preprints are versions of academic papers made freely available before independent peer review by a journal.

While they should be read with an especially careful and critical eye, they present a great opportunity for researchers to speed up and broaden access to their research outputs. However, researchers may be concerned that publishing a preprint will count as “prior publication”, making it hard or impossible to publish in the journal of their choice.

As part of our work promoting transparency in energy demand research, we read the author guidelines of the 20 journals in which CREDS outputs were most frequently published to check their position on preprints. The results are summarised in the table below (plus see a Google Doc with more detail and that we will seek to keep up to date). As you can see, some journals even have an in-built preprint submission tool whereby you can submit a preprint as part of the manuscript submission process. We hope this brief resource makes it easier for energy demand researchers to choose whether or not to share preprints of their papers.

Table of preprint policies as checked at May 2022 (please be sure to visit the link and check for yourself in case anything has changed)
Journal title Date checked Accepts preprints? Includes built-in simultaneous preprint submission? Link to statement of preprint policy
Energy Policy 13/01/2022 Yes Yes Energy Policy: Guide for authors
Buildings and Cities 20/01/2022 Yes No Buildings & Cities: Preprint policy
Energy Research & Social Science 20/01/2022 No No Energy Research & Social Science: Guide for authors
Environmental Research Letters 20/01/2022 Yes No IOP Science: Preprint policy
Proceedings of the eceee Summer Study on energy efficiency 20/01/2022 Yes No No link, but advice from ECEEE: “A pre-print is a publication, which has not yet undergone the peer review process and is not published in a classical format. So technically, you (and probably even eceee) could publish the non-peer reviewed version of the paper on your website or in any other repository but it needs to be clearly marked as a pre-print and needs to be distinguished from the peer-reviewed, typeset and formally published paper. The paper currently in our process (reviewed and currently undergoing typesetting and formatting) cannot be published as pre-print. For that peer-reviewed version you will have to wait until the proceedings are published.”
Building Services Engineering Research and Technology 20/01/2022 No No
Energies 14/01/2022 Yes No (but publisher also operates preprint server) Energies: Preprint and conference papers
Global Environmental Change 14/01/2022 Yes Yes Global Environmental Change: Guide for authors
Applied Energy 14/01/2022 Yes No Applied Energy: Guide for authors
Journal of Cleaner Production 14/01/2022 Yes No Journal of Cleaner Production: Guide for authors
Nature Energy 14/01/2022 Yes Yes Nature Energy: Preprint and conference proceedings
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 14/01/2022 Yes Yes Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews: Guide for authors
Annual Review of Environment and Resources 09/05/2022 Yes (but specific guidance) No Annual Review of Environment and Resources: Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts, pdf
Ecological Economics 09/05/2022 Yes Yes Ecological Economics: Guide for authors
Energy and Buildings 14/01/2022 Yes No Energy & Buildings: Guide for authors
Energy Efficiency
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 09/05/2022 Yes Yes Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions: Guide for authors
Joule 14/01/2022 Yes (but only for the presubmission manuscript) No Joule: Information for authors
Transportation Research Part D 14/01/2022 Yes Yes Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment: Guide for authors

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