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Creating a clean steel fund: call for evidence

14 November, 2019

Creating a clean steel fund: call for evidence

Jonathan Norman

Alice Garvey

John Barrett

Consultation response   Materials & Products

Jonathan Norman, Alice Garvey and John Barrett

The evidence given below is largely drawn from a recent (and ongoing) assessment of the opportunities for energy efficiency, fuel switching and material demand reduction within the UK steel sector.

Summary of our response

This paper responds to a call for evidence relating to the detailed design of the Clean Steel Fund. The £250 million Clean Fund is intended to support the UK steel sector to: transition to lower carbon iron and steel production; and maximise longevity and resilience in the UK steel sector.

CREDS proposes that to achieve the ambition of a transition to a low carbon steel sector, there should be greater emphasis on material efficiency and fuel switching options, alongside continued improvements in energy efficiency.

Publication details

Clean Steel Fund: call for evidence (5 pages, 384 KB)

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