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Department for Transport call for evidence – Jet zero: our strategy for net zero aviation

13 September, 2021

Department for Transport call for evidence – Jet zero: our strategy for net zero aviation

Sally Cairns

Jillian Anable

Consultation response   Transport & Mobility

Sally Cairns and Jillian Anable

This consultation called for responses to the Government’s strategy for net-zero aviation.  The strategy set out a series of scenarios and policies.

In this response, CREDS challenges the assumption that aviation should continue to expand, arguing that there should be action to: manage demand for aviation, support the transition of the sector; and to include consideration of the role of non-CO2 emissions from flying.

  • The range of scenarios modelled in the strategy should include scenarios in which emissions do not rise and a wider range of policy options are considered.
  • The strategy should include policies to restrict airport expansion and increase ticket taxation to bring emissions down quickly. Policies to support alternatives to aviation and to encourage transition within the sector could also be valuable.
  • Proposals to provide carbon information about flights to consumers will be much less effective in encouraging lower emissions if the overall policy framework is one of growth and expansion.

It is urgent to address non-CO2 emissions and their potential for focused demand management measures – i.e. restricting the categories of flight that have the greatest negative climate impact as a result of non-CO2 impacts.

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Publication details

Cairns, S. and Anable, J. 2021. Department for Transport consultation – Jet zero: our strategy for net zero aviation. CREDS consultation response 026 | September 2021.

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