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Gavin Killip

Project Researcher

Nottingham Trent University

Gavin Killip is a Senior Researcher in the energy research team at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

Gavin is one of several CREDS researchers working on a report analysing the UK government’s Clean Growth Strategy. With post-graduate degrees in applied architecture and environmental change management, Gavin takes a ‘systems’ approach to energy demand research, using inter-disciplinary methods.

Gavin’s research focus is on understanding complex socio-technical systems with a view to informing better policy design. Recent work includes projects on the construction industry’s capacity to deliver and maintain low-energy buildings, the system and market for vocational education and training, the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, and the synergies and trade-offs between economic and energy policy goals at local and regional levels.

Policy & Governance


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash