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Assessment of the industrial strategy

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April 2019 to April 2022

Project team

John Barrett

Steve Pye

Joe Lawley

This project looks at the role of energy productivity and its relationship to a low carbon economy.

Assessment of the Industrial Strategy – radical low energy demand scenarios for the UK

This project provides an economy-wide framing of energy with a focus on the role of the BEIS Industrial Strategy to drive energy productivity and the need for rapid reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions. The outcome of the project will be a detailed understanding of the extent to which the Industrial Strategy is consistent with its stated aims and overall policy targets relating to aspects including low energy futures, energy efficiency and productivity. To achieve this, we are creating a low energy demand scenario for the UK and will then consider how this could be delivered through the Industrial Strategy and other approaches.

What we are asking

  • What is the potential for energy demand reduction to contribute to international climate goals?
  • What are the broader socio-economic consequences of a low energy demand future?
  • What are the combined / best measures to deliver the aims of the industrial strategy including energy productivity?

Banner photo credit: Chuttersnap on Unsplash