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Commission on Travel Demand Team

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Commission on Travel Demand

20 March, 2019

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Greg Marsden

CREDS researcher, Greg Marsden, is Professor of Transport Governance at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. Read more >> 

Jillian Anable

CREDS Theme Lead, Jillian Anable, is Professor of Transport and Energy at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. Read more >> 

Jonathon Bray

Jonathon has been Director of the Urban Transport Group since 2008. He is also a visiting senior fellow at LSE Cities and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation.

Elaine Seagriff

Elaine is Director of Transport Planning at Jacobs. Elaine was Head of Policy and Strategy for Transport for London (TfL) until autumn 2016. Apart from a brief spell in California working on light rail and strategy, she has worked in the planning and provision of transport in London for over 25 years – covering major urban development, evaluation and monitoring of major investment projects, area-wide strategies for central, inner and outer London, integration of transport and land use planning policies and the development of all aspects of strategic policy.

Nicola Spurling

Nicola is a Lecturer in the Theory and Method of Social Futures at Lancaster University. Her research explores and develops everyday futures and their implications for energy and transport demand, drawing on futures research and social theories of practice. She is interested in how working lives, daily lives and everyday mobility have changed since 1950. Her current focus is on how planning practices make and shape demand for energy and mobility.

Banner photo credit: Emily Valletta on Unsplash