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Deep refurbishment of buildings

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April 2018 to March 2022

Project team

Tina Fawcett

Marina Topouzi

This project analyses deep renovation policy initiatives and policy mixes across the world.

Policies for deep refurbishment of buildings

This research is examining ‘deep’ renovation –  renovation which delivers significant energy and carbon savings in domestic and non-domestic buildings. We are investigating three key aspects & their connection to policy:

  1. Time and timing – including investigating the advantages and disadvantages of step-by-step renovation;
  2. The role of professionals & business in delivering renovation;
  3. The multiple benefits of deep renovation to building owners, occupiers and society.

We are producing a critically evaluated evidence base on what works (and what does not), in what context, and distil lessons for future policy design and implementation.

What we are asking

  • How can policy support further and faster deep renovation?
  • What are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of ‘one off’ or ‘staged’ deep renovation?
  • How do different aspects of time and timing affect people’s and organisations’ retrofit decisions, and how could policy influence these?
  • How can policy influence the commercial strategies of renovation businesses?
  • What are the multiple benefits (and disbenefits) of deep renovation?
  • How can public policy communicate and promote deep renovation so that non-energy benefits are taken into account in decision-making?

Banner photo credit: Mona Eendra on Unsplash