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Tina Fawcett

Theme Lead / Co-Director

University of Oxford

Tina Fawcett is a Senior Researcher and Acting Deputy Leader of the energy research team at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

Tina is leading the ‘policy and governance’ theme in the Centre for Research on Energy Demand Solutions. The theme will generate knowledge and develop new approaches for further, faster and more flexible delivery of energy demand reduction.

Tina’s research focuses on energy demand and demand-side policy for households and organisations. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach to understand patterns of energy demand and to identify opportunities for reducing energy use and carbon emissions, and the policies that can deliver these changes.

Her recent and on-going work includes research on SMEs and energy, decision-making in energy systems, the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, EU energy efficiency policy, policy mixes, sufficiency, climate justice and energy, the governance challenges of energy upgrades for buildings in multiple ownership, the role of different professions in delivering low carbon renovation, and renovation of buildings generally. Earlier work has featured research on personal carbon trading, fuel poverty, the role of heat pumps in future heating for the UK and globally, and energy use in the higher education sector.

Policy & Governance


Banner photo credit: Val Vesa on Unsplash