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Integrating mitigation options into MARCO-UK

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June 2020 to June 2021

Project team

Marco Sakai

Paul Brockway

This project integrates learnings from other Materials & Products projects regarding mitigation options into the MARCO-UK.

Integrating mitigation options into MARCO-UK

The evidence from other CREDS projects (Industrial energy demand and energy efficiency & Resource productivity and circular economy) will provide a comprehensive assessment of energy and resource productivity options that have the potential to deliver a reduction in industrial energy demand. This project considers the broader implications of these strategies through the quantitative lens of the improved MARCO-UK model by assessing the scale of energy rebound effects, conflicting outcomes between different strategies, and the broader socio-economic implications on employment and trade.

What we are asking

  • What are the socio-energy-economic impacts of deploying indented measures?
  • What are the socio-energy-economic impacts of deploying identified measures?
  • What are the combined / best measures to deliver the aims of the industrial strategy including energy productivity?

Banner photo credit: Irfan Alijagic on Unsplash

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