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Multi-level Governance

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July 2018 to July 2022

Project team

Janette Webb

Mags Tingey

This project looks how policies for building efficiency differ in England and Scotland as well as monitor Welsh and Northern Irish policy developments.

Multi-level Governance

This project is examining how devolved, regional and local authorities are responding differently to goals of low energy, low carbon development and building retrofit, through:

  1. Comparing policy decision-making and implementation for energy efficiency in buildings in England and Scotland. Diverging policy frameworks create a ‘natural experiment’ to generate insights about institution building for low energy social and technical infrastructures;
  2. Analysing different local authority business structures for investing in the energy performance of buildings and low carbon heat. Our typology of business structures will explore the principles behind adoption of different strategies;
  3. Testing the robustness of the typology against emerging developments in the 26 City Deal regions.

What we are asking

To what extent and why are devolved, regional and local authorities responding differently to the goals of low energy, low carbon development and retrofit?

Banner photo credit: Christian Perner on Unsplash